Zumba with Peg

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: How can I dance routines and steps I have never seen before?
A: Zumba is a bit like an adult game of follow the leader. When the music starts, the dancing begins with simple steps and sequences which are repeated many times throughout the song.  Additional movements may be layered on after you have been introduced to the basic steps. You may not master a routine the first time through, but you will be surprised how much you learn and are able to follow along.

Q: I've heard Zumba is physically demanding, what if I'm not in great shape?
A: Zumba is high energy for sure, but you are going to begin at a pace you can handle. Each class starts with a warm-up & a build-up song to get our bodies up to speed. Each class ends with a cool down and stretching.  In between, the intensity will be driven by your comfort level and ability.

Q: Do we take breaks?
A: Zumba is like a dance party and we try not to interrupt the flow, but anyone who needs to step out for a drink or a break is always encouraged to do so.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Wear clothing which is comfortable and supportive for you to dance in. Leggings, sweat pants, tanks or tee's work well. I wear and recommend sneakers for good foot support and most types will work fine, though Zumba does include some turning and sliding so lighter treads with less grip make it easier to move.

There is no uniform  for Zumba and you should wear what is safe and comfortable to dance in, but I'm also a believer in self-expression, so feel free to add anything which reflects your inner dancer!

Q: Is there anything I should bring with me?
A: Most students bring a little water to drink. Many people who expect to sweat also bring a small towel.

Q: Do I have to register in advance?
A: No. This is adrop-in class: just show-up and pay as you go. The cost is $10/class or $8/class if you buy a block of 5 or more classes;  $5/class for high school & college students.